Bus Status 4

FAQs about the new Bus Status App, now available.

Weekly Notice Reminders from Rally

Rally will assist Bus Status 4 communications by sending Notices to Bus Status 3 users weekly for three weeks before Bus Status 3 is retired. Bus Status 3 users will see a Notice reminding them to download the new app to continue to receive notifications after September 29. A new Notice will be sent on September 14, 21, and 28.

On September 29, Bus Status 3 will be retired. Users will no longer receive notifications. Should they open the App, they'll see a reminder to download Bus Status 4. All user preferences and options to choose a district and favourite buses will be removed. 

the bus status 4 app icon with a yellow bus on a white background

Bus Status 4 launched on August 17. It is the only version of the app available to download.


iOS 13 / iPadOS 13 is the minimum requirement for Apple devices. For Android, the requirement is Android 12 and newer.

Please note: you may still be able to download Bus Status 4 with an older version of Android  (11 and down), but we can’t guarantee full compatibility.

Yes! Please use our Tool Kit to help promote the new app to parents and students. You can download the images and use the copy provided to help spread the word.


Not sure where to start? Use our How-to Guide!

There are no changes to the Bus Status administrative software. Staff can login to the Bus Status System as usual to update your bus status. The changes are only to improve the speed and reliability of the app.

Mobile app technology is constantly moving forward, and it was time to create an even faster, more reliable experience for Bus Status users. Bus Status 4 has the same features and functionality as the current Bus Status App. The changes are almost exclusively under the hood updates that will result in increased speed and reliability. 

After September 29, bus statuses will no longer appear in the Bus Status 3 app.

Comparison of the Bus status 3 and 4 app icons. Bus Status 3 is a white bus on a yellow background, while Bus Status 4 is a yellow bus on a white background.
The Bus Status 4 App icon is a yellow bus on a white background

Bus Status 4 features a different colour for the app icon. 

Users can also check the version of their app by opening the app, tapping on “District” in the bottom right, and viewing the App Version listed there. Version 3.0.9 will be retired in September 2023 and version 4.0.0 is the new version that will continue to be supported.

Rally has updated the Bus Status widgets on your websites and the links to the App Store and Google Play on your Bus Status webpage. If your team has manually created any additional hyperlinks to the Bus Status 3 app listing in the App Store or Google Play, you should manually update those links to go to the new Bus Status 4 listing.

Yes! We’re looking forward to implementing many of the same under-the-hood changes in addition to some design changes in SchoolGuide. We’ll keep you informed about SchoolGuide and share many of the same resources to help communicate these changes.