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Instagram Tips for School Districts: How to Create Engaging Instagram Stories

School districts are constantly doing exciting things that they should be showing off to their audiences. Parents, students, staff and teachers alike are interested in knowing what you are up to in your schools.

Instagram Stories are a great way to tell a story through multiple photos or videos. They are engaging, interesting, and people tend to interact with them when prompted. Using Instagram Stories can increase the engagement with your audience because they are posted in real time, allowing people to see what your district is doing on a daily basis.

We’ve put together a quick guide on the best tips for how to get the most of out your Instagram Stories.

Where Are Instagram Stories Located? 

Stories are the top of your Instagram app, underneath the heading “Stories.” To view a story, click on the round circle that features that person’s profile picture. Or press “Watch All” to watch all Stories in order.

How Do I Post a Photo To My Instagram Story?

You can post a picture in two ways: from in the moment, or upload a picture from the past.

You can post a photo that was taken within the last 24 hours from your camera roll to your Story. Go into the Story camera, and swipe up. All of your photos from the last 24 hours will appear there. [Update: Instagram has changed this feature, so you can use any photo from your camera roll now!]

To post a photo that was taken in the moment, press the little camera symbol in the top left of the app. It will open to the camera. By using the sliding bar at the bottom, you can choose to take a normal photo, a video, or a Boomerang. You can also take a video in reverse or shoot a hands free video where you don’t have to hold the button down.

How Can I Make My Photo More Interesting? 

Instagram offers some fun features that can add some life to your Stories:

Coloured Filters:

Once you’ve taken or uploaded your photo or video, now you can add filters. Slide your finger to the left over your photo and you will find the different filters available.


To add text to your photo, click the “Aa” at the top right. You can add more than one box of text, and you can make the text different colours by holding your finger down, “selecting” the text, and then change the colour. You can also add highlighting to your fonts by clicking the “A” in the top centre of the screen while you are in the font settings. Click it twice and the background will go transparent.

Draw Using a Pen:

To draw on the photo, click the little pen icon. Choose your pen type at the top, and you can choose your colour and line thickness.

Face Filters: 

Turn the camera onto your face and hold your finger down on your face. The filters will appear. Swipe through them and choose your favourite. These filters are usually a big hit with kids!


When you take a photo, you can add a sticker by clicking the square smiley face icon at the top right. Choose your sticker and move it to where you want on your photo.

You can also add Location and hashtag stickers, which will allow Instagram to add your photo or video to that location’s story if you have a public profile.

And there you have it! Play around with all the amazing features Instagram Stories have to offer!

What’s your favourite way to use Instagram Stories for your school district?