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Reach Job Seekers with your School District Website

Every school district wants to hire and keep the best staff.  Teachers, administrators, and support staff looking for work are highly motivated to find job listings, but how do you make your district’s jobs stand out above the rest?

Your district website is the first place job seekers look. If used the right way it’s a powerful tool for attracting new people and making them aware of all the opportunities in your district.

Job seekers are an important but often neglected website audience.  A lot of school districts post jobs on an external posting service and make no mention of new opportunities on their own sites.  An external job listing service might be a convenient way to collect applications, but it shows none of your district’s personality and does nothing to elevate your career opportunities above everyone else’s.

Is Your Website Reaching These Audiences?

To attract job seekers, think like they do! These are the top 7 things job seekers visiting your website want to know:

  • Do you have jobs available?
  • What kind of jobs, and where?
  • How do I apply?
  • What supporting documents to I need?
  • Is your district a positive, welcoming place to work?
  • Does your district want to hire someone like me?
  • Can I succeed here?

How can your website attract job seekers and help them apply quickly and easily? Here are some tips:


Don’t hide your job postings

Make jobs easy to find on your website. Put a colourful, attractive Careers portal right on your homepage. The best school district websites list the number of openings in each job category on the homepage and entice job seekers to click through for all the details.


Be on time

List openings on your district website in real time. A good content management system (CMS) lets you schedule postings to appear on your site when they open and disappear when they close. Be consistent and job seekers will keep coming back. Better yet, find out if your CMS can email job seekers when a new opportunity opens!


Applying should be easy

The best school district websites allow applicants to create accounts and submit applications right there on the district site. Behind the scenes, your CMS should be saving time for your HR department, allowing them to review applications, build shortlists of candidates, and notify hiring managers online.


Be proud of your work culture

Include high-quality images of teachers interacting with their students throughout your website. Show off the range of programs and facilities that your district has to offer. Celebrate staff achievement by posting a good news story on your website when a staff member wins an award or launches a successful new initiative.

You’ll leave job seekers with an overall impression of a dynamic school district that cares about its staff and students. In short, a place they'll want to work!