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Top Searches on School Websites

The most popular search terms in September and October

Back-to-school time has come and gone. What are visitors searching for on your school website, now that families are settling into their new routines? We looked at analytics from hundreds of school websites to find the most popular search terms in September and October.

Are You Reaching Your Website Audience?


By far the number one search item on school websites this time of year is Calendars. Parents need a refresher on important dates and holidays, and a great way to keep them coming back to your website is to maintain a reliable, updated online calendar. With as much as 75% of your audience viewing your school website on a mobile device, make sure to use a responsive calendar like the one provided in our CMS. 

Teacher Pages

From class calendars and blogs to downloadable assignments, parents and students expect to find classroom information online. Encourage teachers to maintain up-to-date classroom web pages; it’s proven to reduce the time they spend answering phone calls and emails! If each teacher has a section of your school website all their own, parents have a one-stop destination to stay informed about their children’s classes.

Bell Schedules

Make this always-popular search item easily available in a simple website article or table.


How should a parent notify the school when a child is absent? Is there an online form, or do they need to call the school attendance line? A parent might not have your school absence policy memorized, so make sure they can find it easily the morning their child stays home sick.

Is Your Website Back-to-School Ready?

Other Popular Search Terms

Here are some other very common search terms during September and October. Make sure to have detailed, up-to-date information about these topics readily available on your school website!

Keep a detailed explanation of school fees on your website, and be sure to include a link if you use an online payment system.

Picture Day
Always on parents’ minds at this time of year!

Whether a child suffers from food allergies or not, a lot of visitors want to find the policy around bringing peanuts and other common food allergens to school.

Sports Teams and Athletics
Encourage each team to list games and tryouts on a team calendar, and maintain a blog to share team news.

It isn’t too early in the year to start thinking about scholarships and bursaries. This is always a popular search term for parents of high school students.

Parents and other community members want to learn about volunteering opportunities at the school. 

Visitor's frequently look up information about textbook rental and fees, especially early in the school year.

We prefer news blogs to old-fashioned newsletters because they’re more timely and keep people coming back to your site for the latest. However if you still publish PDF newsletters on your site we’ve found this to be a very popular search term.

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