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Why a Specialized Website Provider Matters

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Open Source Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress or Joomla can look like a great solution for your school district’s websites. They appear to be cost-effective, flexible platforms that give you control over almost every aspect of your websites. But these platforms aren’t specialized for school districts, and many don’t offer much user support. Extra costs are bound to pop up as updates and security patches are required.

Join our webinar to learn how specialized platforms meet the needs of school districts compared to open source systems in five areas: specialization, ease of use, support, design, and cost.

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May 1, 11 am MST


10 Tough Questions to Ask a Web Provider

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Choosing a website provider for your school district is a big decision. Your websites are the most important digital communication tool your school district will ever have, and choosing the right platform will empower your district to communicate effectively with parents, students, staff, job seekers, and other community partners. Join us to learn Ten Tough Questions to help you choose the next website provider for your school district. 

This webinar took place March 20, 2024.

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