Built for school districts, just like yours

Rally's website features are uniquely designed for the online needs of modern school districts.

Off-the-Shelf Features for K-12 Websites

Rally websites are loaded with powerful, user-friendly features that simplify communication with your school district community. 


Create Microsites for Teachers, Teams, and Departments

Schools on the Rally system get unlimited Microsites for teachers, teams, committees and more. Own and control every one of your district's websites with the Microsites feature!

  • Unlimited Microsites for schools
  • All the tools teachers need for online instruction
  • Professional design templates
  • Consistent features and usability

Integrated websites for faster communication

Rally's integrated features speed up communication across your district. District users can publish content on school websites, Microsites and your mobile app in seconds. 

Emergency Notices

Publish notices instantly to school websites, social media and your district's mobile app. Perfect for timely, consistent messaging from your district office.

Social Media Integration

Schedule and share content from your websites directly to your social media platforms without leaving the Rally system. 

District News & Documents

Share district news posts to school websites and the mobile app with a click. Manage forms and policies from the district office and push the current version to school websites.



Update calendars across your district in one step. Integrate Google or Outlook calendars directly with your websites. Subscribers to your website calendars receive updates automatically.

Parent-Teacher Interviews

Rally does the heavy lifting when it comes to booking interviews with your teachers.

  • Create parent-teacher interview schedules, personalized for each teacher
  • Publish parent signup forms on school websites
  • Simplify a complicated task and save countless hours

Built for all users

Rally's simple, intuitive content management system makes daily website management a breeze. Adding text, images, videos and documents is easy, even for users with very little technical experience.

Simple Content Management

Create, edit and delete webpages and online content with ease. You always have full control over the text and images on your Rally websites and apps. 

Images and Videos

Rally takes the hassle out of image placement and sizing. Upload your photos in any size or format and let Rally do the rest! Add videos and photo galleries to your webpages to increase engagement.

Document Management

Rally makes it easy to upload and organize online documents. Create document links anywhere on your sites, and delete old files with confidence thanks to Rally's link checker.

Training and Support

We include training for your school users and ongoing support for all users on the Rally system. You will not have to carry the load of supporting users across your district!

Board Document Management

Rally makes it easy to manage, organize and publish school board policies, procedures and meeting documents. 

  • Organize and publish meeting agendas, minutes and video recordings
  • Create and share new versions of district policies
  • Publish the current version of each policy on your district website
  • Policies are fully searchable online, improving transparency and accessibility

Rally's SchoolGuide App

Rally's powerful mobile app brings parents and students all the latest news, reminders, events and emergency notices from their local school and your school district. 

  • Publish to the app and your websites simultaneously
  • App users customize their experience to receive information from the schools and sources they choose
  • Free app download for parents and students
  • Available for iOS and Android

Websites Made Easy

"Beginning the search to update our school division website was daunting for someone without graphic design experience. However, Rachel and her team at Rally made it simple. They were friendly, responsive, and knowledgeable about their product and overall web design. The Rally Content Management System is user-friendly, and our design is fresh and eye-catching. I strongly recommend Rally to other school divisions looking to update how they communicate online through their websites."

Jenny Borgfjord, Technology Learning Coach for Portage la Prairie School Division

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