StaffConnect: Intranet Solution for School Districts

A user-friendly hub for all internal communication and information, designed especially for school districts.

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Your School District Intranet Solution

StaffConnect is the easiest, most efficient way to increase information sharing and create a sense of community within your school district. With powerful identity-based content, StaffConnect creates a personalized experience for each staff member, ensuring they get the information they need.

Identity-Based Content

Integrating with Active Directory, Microsoft Azure, or Google, StaffConnect puts the right content in front of the right people. The pages, calendars, forms, documents, and quick links a staff member sees in StaffConnect are determined by the groups they belong to.

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A Personal Experience

With My Bookmarks, each staff member can create a personal dashboard with saved pages and documents.



More than a Folder System

StaffConnect uses many of the same powerful, easy to use website features our Rally website users know and love. Each department can manage their own section of pages to share information, news, calendars, documents, forms, and more within their team or with all district staff.

StaffConnect integrates with your district’s public Rally websites. Publish district news, events, and notices on your public and private websites, all at once.

A StaffConnect page where users can view, download, and bookmark documents. Expand Image

Document Management Made Simple

Centralize your district’s documents with StaffConnect. With built in document search, staff can quickly find what they’re looking for. Quickly update documents throughout your StaffConnect website to keep your entire district on the current version.

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