Bus Status

Send instant notifications for delayed and canceled buses.

Empower your school district to notify parents about school bus delays and cancellations with Rally's Bus Status system.

Send Bus Status updates instantly to your websites and the app on parents' phones!

A man hold a phone. The phone screen shows the bus status listing, with buses cancelled, delayed, early, and on time.

Simple software for administrators

Sharing your Bus Status is fast and easy. Transportation staff can login to Rally's web-based software from anywhere. Updates entered in the system push instantly to the mobile app on parents' phones and your district's websites.

Up-to-the minute school bus information, online and on the go.

With a free app to download from the App Store and Google Play, Bus Status makes it easy to keep families informed. Parents and students select their buses in the app and receive a push notification any time one of their buses is delayed or canceled.

  1.  App notifications include the duration of the delay or the reason for cancellation. 

  2. With district-wide notifications, it’s easy to share important reminders or mass cancelations due to weather.

  3. Bus Status keeps families informed during bad weather with bulk updates: update the status of multiple buses in one step.

  4. Send instant notifications to parent and student’s phones and computers, and reduce calls to your office.

For us parents who have limited time to get our kids on and off the bus, it’s good to know when it’s going to get there.

- CBS Minnesota

A computer screen and mobile phone with the bus status logo in front. The computer screen shows the bus status widget, which has a bus cancelled, one delayed, and the rest on time. The phone shows the same view.

Integrates with your school and district websites

Not a Rally website client? No Problem!

Bus Status integrates with your district's existing websites. Your webmasters embed the Bus Status widget on every school website throughout your district, making it easy for parents to check Bus Statuses at their school. Updates display instantly on your websites and the Bus Status mobile app.

For Rally website clients, Bus Status is built right into our websites as a core feature!