Rally Websites

It normally takes between 1 and 6 months to launch new Rally websites for a school district and all of its schools. Districts that take advantage of our in-depth custom design process typically see a project timeline of 3 months from start to finish.

Before launch we create your new websites, configure them to include the out-of-the-box Rally features you want to use, and migrate your existing website content to the Rally system. Our user training sessions usually take place about one week before the public launch of your new websites.

Many website providers promise custom website design, but deliver boring templates with minimal customization to match your district's logo and colours. At Rally we pair you with one of our professional web designers to build a truly unique district website from scratch. 

Typically a 3-month process from start to finish, our design team guides you through our planning, wireframe, and design phases, giving you a chance to collaborate and provide feedback at every step.

Your district is a great place to learn and work. Our custom design process ensures that your website tells that story!

Yes! We will professionally migrate your existing school and district website content to the Rally system at no additional cost.

Many systems are less user-friendly than Rally, and this can lead to a backlog of outdated, unmanaged website content. We'll work with you to clean up old content and move it into into a workable, logical new sitemap!

Absolutely! All Rally clients are live on the newest version of our system. This means when we release new features they are instantly available to all our school district clients. We never leave you stuck on an "old version" of our system. We perform updates behind the scenes so your district Technology team never needs to run an update or install new features.

We include in-depth, on-location training for school users that goes way beyond step by step instruction. We talk about how to create great content, choose good images, and keep website content accessible. Additional training is provided for users at the district level.

We include direct, ongoing support to all users on the Rally system at no extra cost.

Yes. Rally websites are hosted using a secure private cloud. The cloud ensures your websites are more reliable and have higher uptime compared to websites hosted on a single server within your own environment or a colocated server.

For enhanced security Rally offers Single Sign-On options, requiring your users to login to our system with a district network username and password.

Yes, we will build your websites to WCAG 2.1 AA standards, ensuring your school and district sites are accessible to your visitors. An essential part of maintaining accessibility standards  is the ongoing management of accessible content. That's why our user training includes tips for maintaining accessible content after launch!

Absolutely! We know that school districts rely on many people with different levels of technical ability across different locations. So we made Rally as easy as possible for anyone to be able to use. You don’t need to know any coding, and our system is designed to be simple and intuitive for all users. Non-technical staff members can update their Rally websites quickly and easily. 

Bus Status

Bus Status does not use GPS tracking. Staff members login to the Bus Status administrative software to update the status of your buses. 

Absolutely! You can add contractors to Bus Status’s administrative software and set permissions for which buses they can add and update. 

We can get your district set up on Bus Status in as little as a week! 


Yes, StaffConnect is personalized with your school district’s logo and brand colours. 

You can integrate StaffConnect with Active Directroy, Microsoft Azure, or Google.

Absolutely! StaffConnect's Universal Access tag lets you share pages, documents, links, and more with all staff members in your district.